THEOGONY . an underwater experimental music video

Shooting “Theogony” is like the experience of 1st and 2nd year shoots combined. So experimental, so “film-like”; half the times I can’t really see what I’m doing, there’s barely any time to check to see what’s going on, gotta trust the pros that they will do a great job for you (and whoa, they captured some amazing stuff), and no chance of reshoots.
…and sometimes maybe you just have to let things go, change the idea to match what you’ve captured even. In David May’s words, “fuck the story, just make it look cool”.

I need to thank everyone in this shoot for being so patient, and trusting me and the team to do a great job, when you guys are barely given any info/details to work with. If you guys didn’t know the story; I just thought of the idea for this shoot about 2 weeks ago while I’m still on a few sets and rushing my homework. Most of the things came together this week. I must say, I’m darn lucky to find all of you to act and crew in this project; mostly at such last minute.

To my Assistant Director, Ruby Chang (who is doing almost everything; producing, purchasing, driving, crafty, costumes, etc.), I can’t say thank you enough. This shoot might not have even happened at all without you. Thanks for driving around, picking up stuff, offering suggestions, controlling my budget, and coordinating everything on the ground while I was in the water.

To my Key PA, Peter Huang, thanks for taking the initiative to do everything and anything at all, being on standby all the time, and always looking for things to do and help out with. The whole project and place would have been a mess if you haven’t been toiling hard in the background. Thank you so much.

To my Camera Department!

Mike Telford, as everyone has said; this shoot would have been a thousand times harder without you. Thank you so much for coming out, bringing all your scuba gear, and being open to ideas and doing just about anything we wanted.

David May, thanks for being “SO DOWN” for this. Thanks for skipping out on an ultra cool feature to do this small little project of mine. Your enthusiasm and great camera work will be missed when you’re gone.

Jon C. Thomas, thanks so much for coordinating the earlier part of the day, setting up the background etc. And coming back for the second session and doing B-roll. I wish I could have given you more stuff to work and play around with.

Graham and Nelson Talbot! Hey guys, sorry to just have you guys standing around for most part of the day; I thought I needed more people… but with the time and lack of gear, things got simplified. I’ll work on getting lights for you guys next time.

Jed Derkaoui, thanks for coming to help out early in the day! Same thing, I wish I could’ve given you more to work with and play around with.

Randy Yee, thanks for coming out to help move stuff! Really appreciate it man.

Thank you Clarissa! For helping out in the morning, not just with taking photos, but with everything else! (: Thanks for running around to get stuff for us, and hanging on to my phone… And ofcourse, moral support!

To my Costumers!

Nataliya Fedulova, thanks for making those trips with us to get costumes, and making the costumes! Really appreciate it!

Vicky Lui, thanks so much for all your input, and doing so much with so little to work with, in such little time.

Lain B. Kim, thank you so much for running between two sets (you’re crazy! and awesome!), and helping me dress my actors and actresses. You must have been so stressed! Thank you!

To my Makeup Artists!

Judy A. Gruzelier, thank you so much for helping out! I wish I could’ve gotten more info to you, and given you more time to do the best you can. Really loved your work. Thanks!

Dee Wang, thanks for coming out for the shoot! It’s great to see you and work with you again!

Gemma Low, I still can’t believe I got you to come out for this! Thank you so much for helping out with makeup and diving into all this (: I hope you had fun!
To my trio of costumers and makeup artists, thanks for taking up the crazy task of dressing up almost 20 people in a matter of hours. You guys are awesome!

Thanks to Young Cho for dropping by and feeding us lunch!!! Thanks for making the trip down after class on last minute notice.
Thanks Erik Andersen for lending me a whole bunch of gear, and more than you thought you’d be lending me. Really appreciate it. Thank you!
Thanks to Kial Natale for lending us his LED lights!
Big thanks to Whites for lending us the sandbags.
Thanks to Callow Insurance for standing by us.
Thanks to Stephen Caine for your consultation on Risk Management.
Thanks to Terry Kerr and Colin Browne for input, and advice.
Thanks to Corbin Saleken for getting the gear ready.
Thanks to Paul Gibbs and SFU Aquatics for helping and bearing with us. Your lifeguards are awesome.

To the CAST.
Katherine Elizabeth, Natasha Wehn, Mackenzie Warner, Kimberly Gelera, Jan Manuel, Momona Komagata, Nestor Zerda, Ludi Yuen, Natalie Cryer, Gisella M, Daniel Buzelli, Derek Cheng, Mike Hansen, Su Ting Lai, Aga Postawska, Troy Kozuki, Karan Thukral, Jaimes Baker, Niki Bevers, and Paula McGlynn.
Thank you guys for coming out, being so patient, and trusting us. Thank you guys for being so game to try anything out, and offering suggestions! You guys made the project better than I thought it could be.

To Nestor, Katie, Ludi, Natalie  and Momona; thanks so much for being on set all day! Thank you thank you thank you.

Momona, thanks so much for doing one of the most arduous tasks on set; retrieving the sandbags underwater again and again after every drop/dive. Thank you!

Nestor, thanks for taking some underwater stills! Can’t wait to see them!

Ludi, loved the speech you gave. I wish a camera was available to have recorded it all.

Again everyone; thank you so much. You guys aren’t playing heroes, you guys are heroes.(pardon the cheese)

Notes for Next Underwater Shoot:

x01 5D2 on 24mm
x01 5D2 on 50mm
x01 60D/7D/1Dx on 24mm
x01 60D/7D/1Dx on 50mm
x04 Dicapac WPS10

2-4 Scuba Cam Ops
2-4 Scuba Assistants

30m x 10m Backdrop
20x20ft Black Solid
20x20ft Silk
20x20ft Net
Combi Stands, etc.


x08 1K Fresnels
or x04 1.2K HMIs
or x16 UWR LEDs

10 hours of Shooting for every minute of video.
Near unrestricted access/method of using/lighting the pool.


One response

  1. wooohooo… looks like a lot of fun!!! wish i could’ve been there. rock on cedric!!

    February 3, 2012 at 07:08

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